What do Small Installment Loan companies do?
Small Installment Loan companies make loans to consumers which are repaid in equal monthly installments. CashCo Loans range from $700 up to $3,000 and typically are paid over the term of 1 year.

What is Responsible Lending?
We look at each application independently and never use credit scores or a scoring model alone to determine credit-worthiness. We examine the borrower’s stability, ability and willingness to repay the loan. We use budgets, references and credit reports, among other things to make our decision. Budgets in particular help us to ensure that the loan is AFFORDABLE. We consider our history with the borrower, many of whom are loyal customers who come back year after year.

Does CashCo Financial Services have bilingual staff?
Si! Our goal is the make the Loan Process as easy as possible for our clients. Most of our locations have bilingual staff to help Spanish speaking customers. In the off chance there is not a Spanish speaking staff member in the office, we will call one of our other branches to assist you.

How long will it take to get my funds?
As soon as the application is in the hands of one of our staff members, it takes about an hour for approval, as much time as you need to ask our loan officers any questions you might have before you sign the loan agreement, and a few more minutes to get to your bank to cash or deposit your check.

When will my payments be due and how can I pay them?
Your payments will be due monthly with the first payment due one month from the date of your loan. Your loan document will clearly show all relevant information about payments. Before you receive your loan proceeds we will sit down and thoroughly explain your contract. We want to make doing business with us as simple and hassle-free as possible. You can make your payments in any CashCo branch in person where we gladly accept cash, money order, check, or debit card. In addition, you can pay by phone, by mail, or on-line.

Can I pay my loan off in advance?
Yes. You can repay any amount in advance at any time. Depending on the amount of your loan and when you make a pre-payment, it is possible that part of the finance charges will be rebated.

What does a typical loan look like and what are the payments?
The payments, of course, depend on the amount of the loan and the length of the contract. When you come in for your loan let your Customer Service Representative know if our standard loan will not be ideal for your particular situation. If we can, we will try to be as flexible as possible and accommodate you if we can.