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  • After you have filled out and submitted your online application your information will be forwarded to our dedicated applications department for processing.  As a first step, they will contact you by phone and ask you some additional background questions and verify some information you previously provided us to help us make a good credit decision.
  • Please note office hours are 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday.  It’s a good idea to add a comment at the end of the application letting us know the best way to reach you between those hours (voice, text, or email).
  • It usually takes about an hour to verify and approve an application, depending on the number of applications we are processing and response times from landlord, employer, etc.  Once you have been approved, we’ll provide complete details describing the process of getting your loan funded.  Luckily, the loan closing and funding process is really simple and takes very little time. In almost every case we will be able to get your loan closed and funded the same day.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot approve everyone who applies.  If in the end we are not able to approve a loan to you, we want you to remember:
  • Applications that are not approved are reviewed by a supervisor.  Hopefully, they will see something the branch manager did not see.  The bottom line is we WANT to write a loan to you if we can.  You may end up getting a call that we’ve decided to give it a try after all.
  • Even if that doesn’t happen, we want you to PLEASE think about reapplying in about 6 months.  Hopefully by then we’ll be able to do something for you.
  • One more thing:  Whether you end up getting a loan from us or not we are sure you know someone who could use a loan right now.  Please refer them to CashCo!  If they get a loan from us we’d be delighted to give you $50 in cash just to show our appreciation.  There is no limit to this offer.  The more the merrier! Please call our toll-free number for details.

Of course, if you have any questions or need assistance at any time, please feel free to Call (888-454-2274) Text (855-933-1674) or Email us [email protected] during office hours.

Online Applications

The easiest and fastest way to get started is to fill out our online application. Just click the button below and follow the instructions.

In-Person Applications

You also have the option of visiting us at one of our convenient locations. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you fill out and submit your application.