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Like many other companies, CashCo has been dramatically impacted by upheavals in the labor market and staffing shortages. Having said that, Post-Covid we learned that providing remote products for loan origination, loan closing, payments, etc. are easy, fast, safe…and popular! People seem to really like the convenience of avoiding traffic and long lines at the bank. With fewer customers visiting offices in person, we’ve been able to consolidate a few branch offices.

As of the beginning of August we have closed our Keizer Branch and combined operations with our W. Salem branch at 1594 Edgewater NW in West Salem (503) 967-1810.

You can call, email or text us with any questions or concerns you may have at (503) 967-1810, email [email protected] or text 855-933-1674

And as always thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Your friends at CashCo

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